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Instructional Services for Faculty & TAs



Library Instruction Session

We can give your students research demonstrations and hands-on practice in an interactive library session in the library or in your own classroom.

NOTE: Our assessment of student learning in library sessions has shown thatstudents learn the library content BEST when the following apply:

  • the class has been given a research assignment in advance
  • the library session is close in time to the assignment due date (i.e. no more than 2-3 weeks in advance of the due date)
  • the professor attends the library session

To arrange library instruction for your class:


Course Research Guides

Librarians can prepare research guides tailored to your classwork to assist students with library research.

The guides serve as a portal for students to begin their research for your course, as well as offer guidance in effectively and efficiently using research resources.

These guides can augment a library instruction session or stand alone.

Class Materials/Resources

  • Place orders either with your subject librarian or via the library's online Purchase Request Form to ensure we have the materials for your course.
  • Check with your subject librarian to be sure that the library has the resources your students need to complete the assignment.
  •  Ask your subject librarian to create a course guide so that students can easily identify resources.
  • Use Reserves when necessary to avoid having many students trying to access the same piece(s) of information.

Virtual Librarian

Add a librarian to your Learnlink Conference or BlackBoard course to integrate them into the course curriculum and to make students aware of the services and resources the library has to offer.

Librarians can provide assistance with research in a LearnLink Conference or BlackBoard course via:

  • direct communication with students, or
  • links to library guides and other library resources.

Research Consultations

Instructors can also request personalized research consultations for their students with subject librarians who have extensive knowledge of the resources available in their respective disciplines.

Consultations allow students to have a research experience tailored to their needs. Consultations can augment a library instruction session or serve as a stand alone service.

Assignment Design Assistance

Create effective library assignments to best meet your students' research needs:

  • We can brainstorm assignment ideas with you (or see Creating Effective Research Assignments) and talk about elements of past assignments that have proven to be successful.
  • We can recommend and suggest methods, ways, and resources to teach students research skills.
  • We can review assignments to make sure we have the resources students will need to sucessfully complete the assignment, as well as to provide appropriate support when students have questions.


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